God Moments

God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

God moments… what do they look like? Yesterday I talked about chronicling the spiritual markers in my life, and mentioned the BIG things God does. And of course those BIG things are important. But what about the small stuff? I’ve come to realize that some of the teeny, tiny details of our lives can actually be the BIGGEST God moments. Because once we see a teeny thing here, and a tiny thing there… they really begin to add up.

God moments… I had one Tuesday. That morning I was drawn to Zephaniah 3:17. I realized I had been seeing it frequently, so I wrote it down. Perhaps God was trying to tell me something. Later, my good friend told me that Zephaniah 3:17 was going around and around in her head that morning. She kept thinking about it. Now, to the cynic this may seem a coincidence. But I say no… it was a God moment! God knew we would talk on the phone, and He wanted us to know that He placed that verse on our hearts. Our conversation actually led to two more “mini” God moments. But in reality, isn’t any moment with God a BIG one?

God moments… I had one yesterday. Yesterday’s blog was inspired by Daniel 10:12. I later opened my Journey devotional for 2/27, there it was… Daniel 10:12! Coincidence or God? I say God. And when I stop to think about it, I can think of other small (but BIG) moments with Him. About a year ago, I heard a particular song on the radio and it brought to mind someone I used to know. We heard that song together when we attended a Beth Moore conference. As did King David, she danced joyfully and with all her might. I just had to watch her. And so, when I heard that song a couple of years later, I thought, “I should send an email.” Now, we’re not close friends, we do not email each other, and we live in separate states. But God brought her to my mind, and so I did send that email. Her reply? She said I was so heavy on her mind the afternoon before (when I heard the song), that she thought she should send me an email. When she saw mine in her inbox, she got chills. Coincidence or God? I say God.

And this morning there was another God moment. It was seven days ago when I remembered two events in high school. Both times I was deeply hurt by those I loved the most. Which was odd, because I do not think about that time. And to my recollection, I have never dwelt on those hurts. But all of a sudden, there they were. Two occasions, two separate years, but similar in circumstances. Both times, I was left at home when there was a BIG party. The first time, by my boyfriend and the second time, by my best friend. And so, I was left at home alone, while everyone else was together and having fun. I felt abandoned. And so, it was last Thursday that I wrote in my journal, “My hurts… when others got together and left me out… What to do with this? God brought it to me… what next?” The God moment made it’s appearance this morning.

While at the bus stop, I ached for my son because he shared something with me. He is in the first grade, and has an assigned seat on the bus. But he said he’s not sitting with his good friend anymore. He said his friend told his mom he wanted to sit with someone else, and so she talked to the bus driver about it. There is a reason (I don’t know that my son’s completely innocent), but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is how he feels today. He feels left out, and rejected, and unloved. I know exactly how he feels because I JUST thought about this in my own life. His heartache becomes mine. And so the question I posed to God a week ago is answered today. The “what next” is I comfort my son. Because I know! I know exactly how he feels because God reminded me of my own pain. My son feels just as I did all those years ago.

One more God moment? I write down the Psalms in my journal. I try to do it daily, but am not as diligent as I use to be. After the bus stop, my heart was so heavy. I just had to turn to the Psalms first thing. And wouldn’t you know the next Psalm happened to be Psalm 23. This Psalm is the first Scripture my son memorized. Coincidence? No… it’s God. Psalm 23 is one of the most comforting Psalms I know, and God gave it to me today so I could pray it for my son. I prayed that God would restore his soul, and that God’s rod and staff would comfort him. He’s so young and I don’t know that he’ll recall these words on his own. But I can. Because I love him, and because I’m his mother, I can pray it for him… to comfort him.

God moments. They’re everywhere.

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