Put On Your Small And Walk – posted by Given Breath

Something I read tonight… Loved this.

Given Breath

I recently saw an old friend I hadn’t seen in years.

She had always been a beautiful woman in all the best ways. Nothing had dimmed, but something had definitely changed.

During the years we’d lived close, I’d known how hard she’d struggled under the weight of gaining (and not losing) fifty pounds during her two pregnancies. But in the time we’d recently been apart, the physical and emotional weight she’d carried with her all those years had vanished. She was light-hearted and calm. She seemed to be her very best self.

“Want to hear the story?” she said. Boy, did I ever.

Once upon an April morning, an overweight woman waddled (her words, not mine) into her neighborhood Target. Stopping to catch her breath, she saw a teeny, tiny, shiny, fire-engine red, 100% spandex workout outfit. She noticed that there were only two sizes left on the rack: S and XL. She bought the…

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