For my friend


Every now and then, I wake up with a Bible verse running through my head or a song in my heart. See, I dream about Him. And this morning, I awoke to the following melody… “Word of God speak… would you fall down like rain… washing my eyes to see… Your majesty.” And I love it when this happens. Because it assures me. Yes, God does in fact speak. And it’s through His word.

The funny thing is, like the lyrics of the song, it was indeed raining when I woke up. But rather than lull me back to dreamland, which would be typical, I had to get up. Despite having gone to bed only five hours earlier, sleep eluded me. Because my heart is heavy for a dear friend. She’s going through a hard time. A crisis, really, as her daughter’s father passed away yesterday. And I didn’t even know it until late last night. And so, amidst the busyness of my evening activities (canning pickles), a loved one’s heart was breaking just miles away. I’m sure she feels the rain is appropriate today, shedding tears for her, and for her daughter, and for the one they lost. And so, my heart breaks alongside hers… and my heart aches for her daughter. And honestly, I find myself at a loss for words. There’s nothing I can possibly say…

I’m sure my friend is at a loss as to what to do right now, too. I’m sure she wants to comfort her daughter, but may feel inadequate to do so. Because what can possibly be said that can take away such pain? What can she say? What can I say? And so, since I am wordless, I can only offer her a song. It was on my heart this morning, and perhaps it’s for her. Perhaps it’s for Holly. May His word speak to you both today. Because really, it’s only His word that can offer comfort… and peace.

May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds… now and forever… in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)

2 thoughts on “For my friend

  1. Brings back memories of a walk I had on the beach! And how God spoke to me! He still speaks to us! Sometimes in a still small voice. Sometimes in His Word! Word of God Speak! Pam, like the girl in the video, Keep digging! Keep digging! Keep digging deep in HIS Word and you will not be disappointed at the treasures you find! I LOVE IT!!! Please pray for my boss, Belinda, as she lost her dad this week! Pray that she will find peace and comfort in His Word and in only the Peace that He can give. I forwarded your blog to her in hopes that it will help her. And Keep digging!!! It will pour down like RAIN! Showers of Blessings!!! Go GOD!!!

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